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I have to tell you this has been gnawing at me for so time now. There are some many great (and temporary) incentives to buying a home right now, that I really can’t believe the amount of renters that are still holding out on buying their first home (NYC and Rockland County renters I’m mainly talking to you).

There are the record low interest rates, the huge inventory of competitively priced homes, and the $8,000 you get from the government as a first time home buyer. Two out of three of these reasons are not going to last for very long and that’s the low interest rates and the $8000 credit.
Now, I know that buying your first home can be a little intimidating, so I’ve put together a few web links to help you search for your dream home and help you get it, here they are… 

Researching Your Future Neighborhood  (one of my previous blog posts)
Home Search       (search for homes in Rockland County & Orange)

First-Time Homebuyer Credit Information 

This is the time to act, so take a deep breath, do your research, and grab hold of that good ‘ol American Dream before it slips through your fingers. You don’t want to end up waiting to long and then wishing you had acted sooner. 

Happy Hunting 🙂


I specialize in working with First Time Homebuyers. You can contact me for information on  purchasing property for sale in all of Rockland and Orange County.

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